Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bagel Corner

I was craving a bagel this morning but did not want the usual, down-sized, overpriced fare that the Bagel Bakery has become. I remembered the Bagel Corner and decided to give it a try. I patronized this establishment a few times while I was in high school, but never made it part of my frequented spots.

Upon entering around 8:30am, their seating area full, a great sign. I was "welcomed" by a display case with roughly 12-18 different varieties of bagels up for choice. I was going to select my usual of Cinnamon Raisin but noticed they had Asiago Cheese. Oh yeah! Their "spread" menu was just as extensive; Jalapeno and Asiago Cheese, what a combo. The employee agreed and said it was a good choice.

The cost of $3 and change was worth it, they do not skimp on the spread like most places do nowadays. The first bit was amazing, salty, creamy,! The warmth of the freshly baked bagel softened the cream cheese into a gooey delight.

I look forward to returning and trying something new and exciting.

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