Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tony's Pizza

If you want great pizza but don't want to pay those gourmet prices, Tony's is your place! Whether you want a pizza for dinner or to have for a party, they can satisfy all of your needs. My roommates and I usually get the 20" extra large Tony's Special with a medium cheese pizza. We don't hold back and we always have enough for breakfast/lunch the following day.

Tony's Special has an unusual combination of toppings; chicken, pepperoni and jalepenos. Yep! My mouth is watering just typing it. Try it out, it just might become your favorite.

Their largest is the Godzilla, measuring in at 28" in diameter, it is ginormous. It's best to have them deliver it (it's free), you won't fit it in your car unless you drive an suv. It's great for when you are having a large group over.

The photo below is of their personal pepperoni, I was hungry and needed lunch. It was a great deal for only $5.00

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1 comment:

  1. the godzilla is da bomb!
    I was surprised how evenly cooked it was..
    as big as it is, it could be easy to overcook the edges, yet undercook the center, but not this sucker.
    it was perfect from the outer slices to the middle slices.
    great flavor all throughout.