Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back a Yard

We finally decided to try Back A Yard, Caribbean American Grill, in Menlo Park. I was expecting the jerk seasoning to be hot spicy, but it wasn't, it was more flavor seasoned.

The Jerk Chicken meal is served with rice and beans, fried plantains, and a tossed salad. The chicken was moist and flavorful. It is hard to describe, it wasn't really a flavor combination I have had before. Not really bbq smokey, not a sweet sauce,  but a nice well developed flavorful dry rub. The rice and beans, were just right. The rice wasn't sticky and soft, but it wasn't dry either. You pick up a slight hint of coconut milk as the cooking liquid. The fried plantains, I've had good and I've had bad. These were good, they still had texture and weren't a mush patty. You can't really mess up a tossed salad, they provided a dressing packet, so it didn't get soggy during transportation.

We wanted to try something different and ordered the Corn Festivals (like fried bread), thinking they were going to be like hush puppies. Totally not what we were thinking but defiantly happy with the selection. They were in the shape of a corn dog, just a little bit smaller, had the texture of hush puppies but were slightly sweet. Four came in an order, I wished we had gotten two orders.

Upon reading their website, we decided to get ours to go and ordered ahead of time, based on their suggestion. Their dining room is small and they only have 16 seats.

We will be ordering from them again. Thank you for a great meal.

Jerk Chicken Meal
Corn Festivals (one already eaten)

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