Sunday, August 14, 2011

Evvia Estiatorio

The restaurant opened at 5pm. "No more reservations and no walk-ins will be accepted tonight. We are full!" said the hostess. "Full? There is no one here yet." we stated. "Do you want to talk to my manager?" asked the hostess. We declined and decided that we would find another place to dine. I'm sorry, but this hostess needs either a refresher in Customer Service or her walking papers. Luckily we caught the manager just outside to ask him about a table. He took us back in and said that we could get us seated but that he needed the table by 6. No problem!

The restaurant is "open air," the wall that faces the street is lined with sliding floor to ceiling window that were open when we arrived. They have a show kitchen along one side of the restaurant and is decorated along the lines of Cat Cora's restaurant Kouzzina at Disney's Boardwalk Inn, also Mediterranean restaurant.

The Avglemono was less than spectacular. A traditional egg-lemon soup with chicken and rice. Um, you forgot to put in the rice. Or maybe forgot to stir the kettle before serving.

For my entrée, I had their Ravioli. Herb & cheese ravioli with spring vegetables & arugula-walnut pesto. Overall, it was good, but I wasn't expecting it to be so soupy. There were 5 big ravioli, 2 of which had stuck together while cooking so they were still a bit chewy.

I would like to go back and give Evvia Estiatorio a second chance.

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