Monday, March 19, 2012

California Pizza Kitchen

I was interested in the BBQ Korean beef tacos but for an entree instead of an appetizer. I asked and the server flat out said "no" we have those, pointing to the entree tacos, available. He said the appetizer ones came as a pair, were small and would fit on the small side plate. I was then thinking that the entree tacos would be bigger and come in a larger quantity, maybe 3. I ordered the Steak tacos with high hopes and expectations. When my steak tacos arrived, they were small and would fit on the side plate. It was very disappointing and there was an ample amount of gristle, making the beef very chewing and difficult to eat. $13 for 2 tacos and a side of chips/salsa? First, I can't believe I was told "no," great way to lose a customer. Second, the price charged for the amount of food was just appalling. I was very excited to visit this location as it was my first time there since the remodel, but I will not be returning in the future. 
Steak Tacos

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